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(R) Republican

(D) Democrat

(I) Incumbent - currently holds office 

(P) Potential Candidate 


When you see the Incumbent name it will be underlined so if you click on their name you will go to their current job web link, then following their name is the campaign link (which is different), any candidate running as a Potential Candidate will only have one link to their campaign site.


District 5

Note: Incumbent Greg Lucas (R) is not running for re-election.


Frederick Sheeler (D)(P)

Barry J. Jozwiak (R)(P) link to campaign site


District 6


 Brad Roae (R) (I)

Juanita Shutsa (D)(P) link to campaign site


District 17

Note: Incumbent Michele Brooks (R) is not running for re-election


 Wayne Hanson (D)(P) link to facebook site

 Parke Wentling (R)(P) link to campaign site



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